• The Krállis Mansion (Mólyvos)
  • The Ghóghos Mansion (Vatoússa)
  • The "Halim Bey" Mansion (Mytilene)
  • The "Konstantinos Hadzichristóphas" Tower (Mytilene)
  • The Achilléas Vournázos Mansion (Mytilene)
  • The "Loukas Ghoútos" Mansion (Mytilene)
  • The "Lallélis" Mansion (Mytilene)
  • The "Apóstolos Efstratíou" Mansion (Mytilene)
  • The "Doukákis Kouklélis" Mansion (Mytilene)
  • The Vareldzídaina Mansion (Pétra)

The Vareldzídaina Mansion is situated in the centre of the village of Pétra and is named after the last woman to live in it, who died in 1940 aged 100. It is one of the few extant mansions of Lesvos of the late 18th through to early 19th century, which features noteworthy mural decoration. Its architecture espouses the then widespread standard layout of noble houses, which were usually built in the midst of farming estates with enclosures.
The mansion in question has a classical aspect, with a controlled symmetry and a balanced structure in its architecture and ornamentation. The sense of luxury is achieved with very simple, austere means, offering an impressive result. A decorative intention is obvious in all the elements constituting it. Mural ornamentation exists in the most important rooms with frescoes where the water element dominates, representations of towns and the era’s favourite motifs, such as stylised blossoms, vases and garlands of flowers.

The Vareldzídaina Mansion (Pétra)
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Αρχοντικό (prononouced archontikó): abode of the árchontas [which translates as (liege) lord, seigneur, person of high-standing) and by extension a wealthy house that stands out because of its beauty/elegance and/or its sumptuousness.
An adjective used as a noun, the word derives from άρχων (árchon, Medieval Greek) < άρχω (árcho, Ancient Greek): I begin, I start and by extension I wield power. Through Latin, the prefix archi- was adopted into many languages, for instance: architect (English, German, Luxembourgish, Romanian), architecte (French), architetto (Italian), arquitecte (Catalan), arquitecto (Spanish), arquiteto (Portuguese), arkitekt (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian), arkkitehti (Finnish), arhitekta (Croatian), architekt (Czech, Polish), архитект (Bulgarian), архитектор (Russian), arhitekt (Slovenian).