Our dear colleagues and guests,

I welcome you to the 2016 European Museum Academy Conference and Awards Ceremony for the Luigi Micheletti and Heritage in Motion awards, which we have the joy - as the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation - to host in the Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production of Lesvos.

We did not randomly select the specific museum among the seven composing PIOP’s Network, which functions in the Greek provinces and contributes decisively to the showcasing of our country’s productive history.

We fully perceive the need to support Lesvos and its inhabitants, who for many months now have made every endeavour to help the refugees and migrants arriving on their shores. Αt the same time, it is our strong belief that Museums can have a catalytic role in times of crisis, as they can support actions needed to ameliorate social problems.

We also believe that the organisation of the Conference and the award ceremony, in which the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation and the European Museum Academy are fully associated, is a first class opportunity for the participants to discover Lesvos, its museums and its history.

I thank you for joining us and wish every success to the candidates for the European Museum Academy awards.

Sophia Z. Staïkou
Chairman of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation

the Awards

  • The Luigi Micheletti award

    The Luigi Micheletti Award is the European prize for innovative museums in the world of contemporary history, industry and science. It is one of the leading activities of the Luigi Micheletti Foundation.

  • Heritage in Motion award

    Heritage in Motion is an annual multimedia competition for the creators of films, games, apps and websites on themes related to Europe’s heritage, cultural and natural, tangibleand intangible.


  • 19 May

    Arrivals and
    Welcome Reception

  • 20 May

    EMA Conference
    Heritage in Motion Awards

  • 21 May

    Lesbos museums’ tour
    EMA Awards Ceremony / Dinner


Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production of Lesvos

The museum presents the industrial phase of olive-oil production in Greece. It focuses on the changes brought about by the introduction of mechanical motion on the process of olive-oil production and approaches the contribution of the region's inhabitants to the production process with sensitivity. Its objective is to showcase our industrial heritage in the sector of olive-oil production and incorporate it into the broader architectural, social and cultural context of the period.

University of the Aegean

The University of the Aegean is a University-Network with headquarters in Mytilene, while the academic units composing it are situated in six islands of the Northern and Southern Aegean (Mytilene, Chios, Samos, Syros, Rhodes, and Limnos). The University of the Aegean offers innovative interdisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, Summer Schools and Lifelong Learning classes, with an emphasis on the promotion of excellence in research. Having become part of the islands’ social and cultural tissue, and by fully integrating Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in its everyday functioning, the University of the Aegean contributes actively to regional development and the protection of both the natural and manmade environment. The University of the Aegean is a dynamic partner of a multitude of Greek, European and international universities, research centres and organizations, thus constituting a basic contributor to progress, development and innovation in the Archipelago’s regions.