Archivportal-D- Building a German archives portal

by Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg

For the first time, the German Archives Portal “Archivportal-D” financed by the German Research Foundation (DFG) offers centralized and comprehensive access to the records of various kinds of German archives. The portal is a national aggregator for the European Archives Portal and contributes to the process of making European archival records accessible for everybody at any time and from anywhere.


Church collection online

by Museum Catharijneconvent

In the Netherlands the religious landscape is changing dramatically. Many churches are closing its doors. This not only brings the buildings into jeopardy, but hundreds of thousands of religious objects as well. This calls for action.


Bram Stoker’s Vampires

by Haunted Planet Studios LTD

Bram Stoker’s Vampires
 by Haunted Planet Studios is a location-based augmented-reality game that turns players’ smartphones into paranormal detection devices. Players use the app to find supernatural phenomena and to uncover a mystery that features historical and fictional characters related to Bram Stoker’s famous novel Dracula.


Virtual Architecture Museum

by Vizerra

A unique experience: the first-ever 3D exhibition featuring unimplemented projects of the greatest architects.
Virtual Architecture Museum created for popularization of architecture as important part of world cultural heritage. Product based on edutainment approach with massive usage of gaming and virtual reality technologies. Results of project were used by thousands people from more then 150 countries around the world.


Ename 1290

by Visual Dimension bvba

Ename 1290 is a real time 3D application that shows Ename and the Ename abbey in 1290 AD and can be used as a virtual tour by the site guides and as an educational game by school children. The navigation through the virtual world and the manipulation of the virtual objects takes place through hand gestures, detected by a Kinect camera.


Strong Water: Interactive exploration on the history of the Dutch Waterline

by IJsfontein

The newly opened Waterline Museum located at Fort Vechten tells the impressive story of over 300 years of an old Dutch Defense system: the Dutch Waterline. For this museum exhibition designer Platvorm and gamedeveloper IJsfontein designed and developed the permanent exhibition “Strong water.” The exhibition has become an interactive exploration on the operation and the history of the Old and New Dutch Waterline. The experience contains media, interactives, games, movies, animations, projections on felt sculptures and a virtual reality parachute jump over the Netherlands. Innovative technology such as the oculus Rift was used to create an engaging experience which appeals to both young and old.


Limburg 1914-1918, Small stories from a Great War

by Province of Limburg

Limburg 1914-1918… More than just a memorial campaign, it was the perfect tool to raise awareness among a large audience of the impact of war on people’s daily lives. To make them empathise with their countrymen of 100 years ago. There was a unique launch, a story told on social media, a short movie, a video exhibition and a huge participative project.
What if you could feel what people experienced 100 years ago? That was the point of departure for the World War I memorial campaign from the Province of Limburg.


Bursa: from traditional to universal

by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality

The purpose of the music video is to show how universal music is and how easy it is to integrate music of the Balkans, Sirtos, Flamenco, Rock and even Symphonies with the ones from any village of Bursa, even if it is only played with simple instruments such as copper water jugs… This video also aims to show how easy it becomes for people from different cultures to unite around music and that intangible cultural heritage is shaped around people.



  • 19 May

    Arrivals and
    Welcome Reception

  • 20 May

    EMA Conference
    Heritage in Motion Awards

  • 21 May

    Lesbos museums’ tour
    EMA Awards Ceremony / Dinner


Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production of Lesvos

The museum presents the industrial phase of olive-oil production in Greece. It focuses on the changes brought about by the introduction of mechanical motion on the process of olive-oil production and approaches the contribution of the region's inhabitants to the production process with sensitivity. Its objective is to showcase our industrial heritage in the sector of olive-oil production and incorporate it into the broader architectural, social and cultural context of the period.

University of the Aegean

The University of the Aegean is a University-Network with headquarters in Mytilene, while the academic units composing it are situated in six islands of the Northern and Southern Aegean (Mytilene, Chios, Samos, Syros, Rhodes, and Limnos). The University of the Aegean offers innovative interdisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, Summer Schools and Lifelong Learning classes, with an emphasis on the promotion of excellence in research. Having become part of the islands’ social and cultural tissue, and by fully integrating Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in its everyday functioning, the University of the Aegean contributes actively to regional development and the protection of both the natural and manmade environment. The University of the Aegean is a dynamic partner of a multitude of Greek, European and international universities, research centres and organizations, thus constituting a basic contributor to progress, development and innovation in the Archipelago’s regions.