Credits and feedback

Dear friends,

It was a real pleasure welcoming you on the island of Lesvos!

We hope that you enjoyed your staying and are looking forward to keeping in touch.

The EMA@Lesvos team
Dafni Dorina Elia Fotis George Mando Marita Marian

These are the thoughts  you have shared with us for  the conference and the ceremony

First of all, the hospitality was great: from the welcome at the airport to the dinner after the ceremony. Thanks to the programme I have seen a lot of Lesvos, a beautiful island. I hope I will have the opportunity to visit it again in the future
Wim van der Weiden

We were moved by the various references in everyone’s speech about the current situation on the island.  The idea to have the children present the wreaths was inspired, and everyone enjoyed the String Demons’ performance, despite the rain.
Ann Nichols

I was very impressed to experience on the spot what valuable work the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation it investing into culture.
Karl Borromäus Murr

Everything was perfect! I want to thank especially to the hospitality of the EMA@Lesvos team and of course the Greek people.
What a beautiful island, Thank you so much!
Ahmet ERDÖNMEZ, and Ercüment YILMAZ

We were so happy to be nominated to (and to win) the award, and we were glad to experience Lesbos, even in this sad and troubled time.
Thomas Bloch Ravn

It’s been a wonderful conference, with so many friendly hosts and interesting lectures. The organization was outstanding and we look back with great memories. The museum was the perfect scenery of all the activities that took place there, including the Heritage in Motion Awards Ceremony. And for me personally the island has had quite an impact – I’m hoping to go back sometime.
Onno Ephraim

Partnerships and relationships that develop between people who work with common goals and objectives are the main driver of performance and progress. The competitive dimension and the activities of the Meeting made us wiser and taught us about the international trends of Museums  and Technological Centres.
Thanasis Kontonikolaou

I am really thankful for all special moments at Lesbos.
I really liked it and every single event was something special.
I still remember all the impressions, tastes and smell of the island.
Tina Huremovič

Many thanks to the EMA@Lesvos team for a wonderful experience. So beautifully organized, so welcoming, and so very memorable.
Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett


  • 19 May

    Arrivals and
    Welcome Reception

  • 20 May

    EMA Conference
    Heritage in Motion Awards

  • 21 May

    Lesbos museums’ tour
    EMA Awards Ceremony / Dinner


Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production of Lesvos

The museum presents the industrial phase of olive-oil production in Greece. It focuses on the changes brought about by the introduction of mechanical motion on the process of olive-oil production and approaches the contribution of the region's inhabitants to the production process with sensitivity. Its objective is to showcase our industrial heritage in the sector of olive-oil production and incorporate it into the broader architectural, social and cultural context of the period.

University of the Aegean

The University of the Aegean is a University-Network with headquarters in Mytilene, while the academic units composing it are situated in six islands of the Northern and Southern Aegean (Mytilene, Chios, Samos, Syros, Rhodes, and Limnos). The University of the Aegean offers innovative interdisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, Summer Schools and Lifelong Learning classes, with an emphasis on the promotion of excellence in research. Having become part of the islands’ social and cultural tissue, and by fully integrating Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in its everyday functioning, the University of the Aegean contributes actively to regional development and the protection of both the natural and manmade environment. The University of the Aegean is a dynamic partner of a multitude of Greek, European and international universities, research centres and organizations, thus constituting a basic contributor to progress, development and innovation in the Archipelago’s regions.